At Zagon Composites it’s all about speed.

With our Holistic Systems Thinking™ (HST™) engineering approach we look at the Bicycle as a System™ (BaaS™), to make the cyclist faster and not just the wheels.

The Zagon Trailing Airflow Optimization™ (TAO™) design approach was initiated to focus on how the wheels can manipulate airflow around the bicycle.

Our engineering and design approach resulted in the Zagon Toroidal Airfoil Profile™ (ZTAP™) rim design to deliver the required airflow characteristics.

To ensure our carbon wheels are manufactured to consistently meet our quality standards, the Zagon Developed Manufacturing™ (ZDM™) methods and processes were invented for our own factory.

Holistic Systems Thinking (HST™)

Where conventional bicycle wheel companies predominantly focus on the design of the wheelset itself, Zagon engineering took a systems approach where we integrate the wheel, tire, bicycle frame and the cyclist as a single functional system, which became known as the integrated Bicycle-as-a-System (BaaS™).  Therefore, our engineering efforts focus to reduce the overall interaction of this system as a single unit with the dynamic environment, which predominantly consist of wind conditions as airflow, which creates a drag force that resist the forward motion of the bicycle. 

Zagon Trailing Airflow Optimization (ZTAO™)

With existing wheel manufacturers who place their design focus on the leading edge of the leading section of the bicycle wheel, their rim designs evolved into end-to-end symmetrical airfoil shapes which became known as Toroidal or U-shaped rims.  This explains why so many carbon bicycle wheel manufacturers also had to incorporate the influence of the tire on the rim’s airfoil design, and in some cases design their own tires due to the strong influence of the tire on their design approach.

Zagon Toroidal Airfoil Profile (ZTAP™) rim design

Due to the Holistic Systems Design (HSD™) approach that focused on the integrated Bicycle-as-a-System (BaaS™) and Trailing Airflow Optimization (TAO™) design approach for our carbon bicycle wheels, it resulted in a carbon rim design which we termed the Zagon Toroidal Airfoil Profile (ZTAP™).

Zagon Developed Manufacturing (ZDM™)

At Zagon we not only design the best aerodynamic wheels, we also developed our own proprietary manufacturing methods and processes to ensure we can deliver the lightest and most durable wheels in the world, which became known as the Zagon Developed Manufacturing (ZDM™) approach.