Technology - Holistic Systems Thinking (HST™)

Where conventional carbon bicycle wheel companies predominantly focus on the design of the wheelset itself, Zagon engineers took a Holistic Systems Thinking (HST™) engineering approach where we integrated the wheel, tire, bicycle frame and the cyclist as a single functional Bicycle as a System (BaaS™).

Engineering efforts therefore focus to reduce the overall interaction of the BaaS with the dynamic environment, which predominantly consists of airflow as the biggest environmental factor to consider.  When the airflow makes contact with the BaaS™, it creates a drag force that resists the forward motion of the bicycle.  The desired result is to optimize this interaction between the airflow and the BaaS at all times.

With the HST™ engineering approach, the engineers at Zagon Composites research how the trailing section of the front bicycle wheel rim airfoil can redirect airflow away from the bicycle frame and cyclist to create a larger low-pressure area to reduce the overall resulting drag force.  This resulted in a design approach that became known as the Zagon Trailing Airflow Optimization (ZTAO) design approach, as opposed to the traditional approach that focuses on the leading section and leading edge of the wheel.

As a result, the ZTAO design approach delivered the Zagon Toroidal Airfoil Profile (ZTAP) rim design, which was optimized and validated with several engineering design tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).


The HST™ engineering approach was also utilized with the invention of new innovative manufacturing methods, tools, processes and procedures which became known as the Zagon Developed Manufacturing (ZDM) methods and processes.  This is why the manufacturing of Zagon wheels is not outsourced but intentionally kept inhouse in our own factory where engineers can continuously control and improve the quality of the manufacturing process to deliver the Fastest, Lightest and most Durable (FLD) bicycle carbon wheels available on the market.