C60 Series

• We are focused to design the Fastest, Lightest and most Durable (FLD™) bicycle carbon wheels, benchmarked against the best brands in the world.
• Our Holistic Systems Design (HSD™) engineering approach integrates the wheels, bicycle and cyclist as a single functional system.
• Our proprietary Trailing Airflow Optimization (TAO™) aerodynamic design approach was developed to increase bicycle speed.
• The Zagon Toroidal Airfoil Profile (ZTAP™) rim design provides less bicycle drag and more stability.
• Our proprietary Zagon Developed Manufacturing (ZDM™) process was developed to ensure we manufacture high-quality wheels in our own factory.
• Ceramic hub bearings are standard on all Zagon wheels to increase performance and durability.
• Custom select logo decal color of your choice.

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